Quote For Freelance Manuscript Editing Projects

Considering a career in freelance writing is a bold move, especially if you intend to work from home after quitting your permanent job. As a freelance writer, you should try your best to focus on a specialization, rather than trying to take on every possible freelance writer job available. Interestingly, many writers still don’t realize this important aspect of becoming a successful freelance writer. Even if you don’t intend to quit your current job, you can still be a freelance writer with the varied options available today. One such excellent opportunity is in freelance manuscript editing.

It’s true that editing and writing are very different from each other, but editing is also part of being an excellent writer. So, if you can specialize in freelance manuscript editing, you could become one of the few high income earners in the freelance editorial field. If you are wondering how and what you can earn from freelance manuscript editing, the answer is you can set your own rates, as long as they are practical. Anyone undertaking a freelance writer job should have rates set before applying for a project, and these fixed rates can be based on each project or quoted by the hour. But, for freelance manuscript editing, there are many areas to consider before you provide a potential client with a quote.from this source:manuscript editing.

Level of Editing – Ask the client to provide you with a section of the manuscript that needs editing and check whether it needs extensive editing or just minor proofreading work.

Word Count – Most editors base their charges on the number of words in a manuscript. If the document has numerous pages, your editing charges should be provided as a bulk rate, which means your charges for a shorter document should be higher than for a longer document.

The Content Type – Editing fees for a technical document is always higher than for non-technical material. So, you have the freedom to raise your charges a little if the manuscript to be edited contains a lot of technical terms and information.

Quick Delivery – If the client wants you to deliver work in a hurry, you simply have to charge more for the work. It’s a standard practice in the editorial field. This is because quick work means you put aside everything else to accomplish the delivery requirement.

The bottom line is, you can earn anything from $0.02 per word to $0.50 per word, depending on the intensity of the job you have to complete.